Stars, lanterns, and distant whispers of the jungle keep their silent vigil. In the dim light, a lone figure stands at the water’s edge, his intentions veiled in shadow. Is he a guardian of the night, a seeker of celestial tales, or perhaps a wanderer of the wild depths?

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  • Canvas Artworks (Bundle of 3).
  • Dimensions : 25x50cm, 50x50cm, 25x50cm
  • Limited Edition : 10 pieces

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Reviews of "Imaginaeria" Collection

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  1. I got 2 sets in the same style and spread them accross the room, they look really wonderful !
    I really like the one with the elephant and the mountain 😮

    • Avatar photo

      Hey, thank you for your nice review !
      We’re happy you like the canvases 🙂 We really like this one too.

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